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Experience blissful tranquility at this coastal hot spring resort, where pristine beaches and therapeutic waters intertwine.

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About Shirahama

Shirahama (騾具スス雎ャ繝サ is a vibrant and well-developed onsen resort that is located approximately 100 kilometers south of Osaka. Renowned for its captivating blend of hot springs and entertainment offerings, Shirahama has emerged as one of Japan's top three onsen destinations, alongside Beppu in Kyushu and Atami on the Izu Peninsula, thanks in part to its close proximity to Osaka.

The name Shirahama translates to "white beach" in Japanese, which aptly describes one of the resort's major attractions: a stunning 500-meter-long sandy beach. This picturesque coastline is adorned with a range of large hotels, allowing visitors to conveniently access the pristine waters with just a few steps. To further enhance the summer experience, dazzling fireworks displays are held on selected evenings, creating a captivating spectacle that adds a touch of enchantment to the seaside ambiance.

Getting around in Shirahama

Shirahama stands as a significant hub along the JR Kisei Line, boasting regular hourly limited express trains connecting it to Osaka. Additionally, it houses the Nanki-Shirahama Airport, facilitating direct flights to Tokyo's Haneda Airport, enhancing accessibility for travelers.

Located a mere ten-minute bus ride, costing 340 yen, from the town center, Shirahama Station serves as a convenient entry point. With several buses departing every hour, the station seamlessly connects with the bustling Shirahama Bus Center, situated adjacent to the beach in central Shirahama. Furthermore, travelers can embark on buses from Shirahama Station to various destinations such as Adventure World, a short 10-minute journey priced at 300 yen, and Sandanbeki, accessible within 20 minutes for 480 yen. For those arriving at Nanki-Shirahama Airport, reaching central Shirahama and JR Shirahama Station is equally convenient, with a quick 15-minute bus ride ensuring swift access to these key destinations.

Getting to SHirahama
  • From Osaka 遯カ繝サTraveling to Shirahama from Osaka is straightforward, thanks to efficient transportation options. Visitors can embark on hourly limited express trains from Osaka, directly connecting to Shirahama via the JR Kisei Line. Additionally, accessibility is enhanced by Nanki-Shirahama Airport, offering convenient flights to and from Tokyo's Haneda Airport.

    Upon arrival at Shirahama Station, located just a brief ten-minute bus ride from the town center, travelers can seamlessly access the heart of Shirahama. With multiple buses departing every hour, passengers can easily reach key destinations such as the vibrant Shirahama Bus Center, situated adjacent to the picturesque beach. Moreover, buses departing from Shirahama Station offer access to various attractions including Adventure World, reachable within a short 10-minute journey, and Sandanbeki, accessible within 20 minutes. Whether arriving by train or plane, reaching Shirahama from Osaka is a hassle-free experience, promising travelers a smooth journey to this scenic coastal destination.

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