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Ehime Prefecture (隲「蟶幢スェ蟶キ諱・ is situated on Shikoku Island, with Matsuyama serving as its capital. Renowned for its castle and Dogo Onsen, one of Japan's oldest hot springs, Matsuyama captivates visitors with its rich history and rejuvenating thermal baths.

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Ehime Prefecture (隲「蟶幢スェ蟶キ諱・ is a scenic coastal prefecture located on the island of Shikoku, in southwestern Japan. It has its capital in the charming city of Matsuyama, known for its breathtaking Matsuyama Castle and Dogo Onsen, one of the oldest hot springs in Japan. The prefecture is surrounded by a picturesque coastline and mountainous terrain, making it a popular destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Ehime has a rich cultural heritage, with several well-preserved historic sites and traditional festivals that draw visitors from across Japan and the world. Its famous Uwajima Bullfighting Festival is a unique spectacle that attracts thousands of spectators every year. The prefecture is also renowned for its citrus fruits, including mikan, which are grown abundantly in the region and are a popular souvenir for visitors.

In addition to its cultural and natural attractions, Ehime offers excellent culinary experiences, with a wide range of local dishes that showcase the prefecture's unique flavors and ingredients. Visitors can enjoy fresh seafood, locally-grown vegetables, and traditional delicacies such as jakoten, a type of fish cake, and taimeshi, a rice dish made with sea bream.

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