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Kagoshima (魄厄スソ陷井サ呻スウ・カ) is the southernmost major city in Kyushu and serves as the capital of Kagoshima Prefecture.

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About Kagoshima

Kagoshima Prefecture (魄厄スソ陷井サ呻スウ・カ騾オ繝サ, located in the southernmost part of Kyushu, also includes the northern half of the Nansei Shoto island group, stretching from Kyushu to Taiwan. The prefecture was formerly known as Satsuma, and played a significant role in Japan's Meiji Restoration and the Meiji period. Its prefectural capital is Kagoshima City, which is home to many popular tourist attractions, including the active volcano, Sakurajima, and the historic Sengan-en Garden, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Kagoshima is also famous for its unique cuisine, including the locally grown sweet potato, kurobuta (black pork), and shochu, a distilled spirit made from various ingredients such as sweet potato, rice, or barley. The prefecture's subtropical climate allows for the production of many fruits, such as oranges and persimmons, as well as tea and soy sauce. Kagoshima's coastal location also makes it a great place for seafood lovers, with fresh catches of fish, squid, and shellfish readily available.

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