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Kumamoto Prefecture (霎ュ鬆第た騾オ繝サ lies along Kyushu's western coast, with Kumamoto City as its capital. Renowned for attractions like Mount Aso and charming hot spring retreats like Kurokawa Onsen, Kumamoto is celebrated for its natural beauty and rejuvenating thermal baths.

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About Kumamoto

Kumamoto Prefecture (霎ュ鬆第た騾オ繝サ, situated on the west coast of Kyushu, is a popular tourist destination in Japan. Its prefectural capital, Kumamoto City, is a bustling city with a rich history and many cultural attractions. The city is famous for Kumamoto Castle, one of the most impressive castles in Japan, and Suizenji Jojuen Garden, a beautiful Japanese garden with a large pond. Other popular tourist attractions in the city include the Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto and the Kumamoto Prefectural Museum of Art.

The prefecture is also renowned for Mount Aso, the largest active volcano in Japan. The mountain is located in Aso-Kuju National Park, a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. The park offers a range of activities, including hiking, camping, and hot springs. The nearby Kurokawa Onsen is a hot spring resort town with over 30 traditional Japanese inns. The town is surrounded by natural beauty and offers visitors a relaxing retreat with hot spring baths and traditional Japanese cuisine.

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