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Mie Prefecture (闕ウ陋セ纃セ騾オ繝サ straddles the Kansai and Tokai Regions. It houses the revered Ise Shrines, epitomes of Japanese Shintoism. Tsu City serves as the prefectural capital.

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Mie Prefecture (闕ウ陋セ纃セ騾オ繝サ is located in both the Kansai Region and the Tokai Region of Japan. It is a fascinating destination that is home to many historic and cultural landmarks. One of the most famous attractions in Mie Prefecture is the Ise Shrines, which are considered to be Japan's most sacred Shinto shrines. The Ise Shrines are composed of two main shrines, the Inner Shrine and the Outer Shrine, which are dedicated to the sun goddess Amaterasu. The shrines are rebuilt every 20 years in a traditional ceremony called "Shikinen Sengu", which is a testament to the deep reverence and respect the Japanese have for their cultural heritage.

The prefectural capital of Mie is Tsu City, which is located near the coast of Ise Bay. Tsu City is a vibrant and bustling city that is home to many interesting museums, art galleries, and historical landmarks. Visitors to the city can explore the ruins of Tsu Castle, which was built in the 16th century, or take a stroll through Tsu Matsuriyama Park, which offers stunning views of the city and the surrounding mountains.

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