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Yamaguchi Prefecture (陞サ・ア陷ソ・」騾オ繝サ marks the westernmost point of Honshu Island within the Chugoku Region. Yamaguchi City serves as its capital. Historically known as Choshu, the region played a pivotal role in toppling the shogunate, marking the culmination of Japan's feudal era.

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Yamaguchi Prefecture (陞サ・ア陷ソ・」騾オ繝サ, located in the Chugoku Region, is the westernmost prefecture on Honshu Island. Its prefectural capital is Yamaguchi City. The area known as Yamaguchi, formerly Choshu, was instrumental in bringing Japan's feudal era to an end and played a leading role in overthrowing the shogunate. Visitors to the prefecture can explore its rich history and cultural heritage at sites such as the Yamaguchi Prefectural Museum of Art, the Ruriko-ji Temple, and the Hagi Castle Town, a preserved samurai district.

The prefecture also offers breathtaking natural landscapes, such as the Akiyoshidai Plateau, a vast expanse of limestone karst formations, and the Tsunoshima Bridge, which connects the mainland to Tsunoshima Island and offers stunning views of the Sea of Japan. Foodies will appreciate Yamaguchi's culinary delights, including the famous blowfish dish, fugu, and the local specialty, Tsunoshima oysters. The prefecture also boasts numerous hot springs, such as Yuda Onsen, where visitors can relax and rejuvenate in the healing waters.

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