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The Chugoku Region comprises the western portion of Japan's Honshu Island.

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About Chugoku

The Chugoku Region (闕ウ・ュ陜暦スス陜ィ・ー隴・スケ, Ch・・スォgoku Chih・・・ literally "central country") occupies the western expanse of Japan's primary island, Honshu. Distinguished by its geographical diversity, it is typically categorized into two main areas: the bustling Sanyo Region, which hugs the industrialized coastline along the Seto Inland Sea, and the serene Sanin Region, which sprawls along the tranquil shores of the Sea of Japan, offering a more rural ambiance.

In the Sanyo Region, vibrant urban centers like Hiroshima and Okayama thrive amidst a backdrop of modernity and innovation, while the Sanin Region boasts scenic landscapes dotted with quaint towns and traditional villages. From the vibrant energy of coastal cities to the tranquil serenity of rural escapes, the Chugoku Region invites travelers to explore its contrasting yet complementary facets, each offering a unique glimpse into the cultural and natural treasures of western Honshu.

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